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Wales begins switchover

Wales is preparing to make the switchover from analogue to digital TV.ddr

The first transmitter group to make the switch – Kilvey Hill transmitter and its 9 relays – will begin the switchover process tomorrow (Wednesday 12 August).

The transmitter group – which serves Swansea and the surrounding area – will switchover in two stages.

During the early hours of tomorrow morning BBC Two will go digital and some new digital channels will become available.


If you have Freeview, BT Vision or Top Up TV you’ll need to re-tune your equipment.

Then on 9 September all the remaining analogue channels will switch to digital and the remaining digital channels will become available.

If you have Freeview, BT Vision or Top Up TV you’ll again need to re-tune your equipment .

The switchover is being managed by Digital UK, the organisation with responsibility for the nationwide switchover process, who can be contacted on 08456 50 50 50.

Digital switchover

Digital switchover is the nationwide programme to move all TV services from analogue to digital between 2008 and 2012.

More choice for TV viewers

Nearly everyone will have access to free digital terrestrial television (Freeview).


Everyone will receive more channels than they currently receive on analogue TV.

Most Freeview viewers will be able to receive around 17 channels, while some Freeview viewers will also be able to receive additional commercial channels, bringing the total number of available to around 40.

Viewers who wish to receive more channels than are available through an aerial have the choice of subscription-free satellite from Sky or the freesat service from the BBC/ITV, which will offer more channels for a one-off payment.

Viewers can also subscribe to pay-TV services on satellite or cable, including Sky, Virgin Media, BT Vision and Top UP TV.

Read more about how to retune your set top box.

Digital dividend

Ofcom’s role in the switchover process includes licensing the broadcasters, planning the use of the radio spectrum, and assisting on coverage issues.

Our wider role is deciding how best to use the valuable spectrum freed-up as a result of the switchover – the so-called digital dividend.

This dividend will deliver significant benefits for people as new services are launched to use the spectrum.

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