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Competing phone companies will soon start to deliver superfast mobile broadband (4G) services in the UK, following the successful auction of ‘spectrum’ by Ofcom.

Consumer services are expected to launch by late spring or summer 2013.

Ofcom designed the 4G mobile auction to promote competition. A special obligation applying to one of the successful bidders will see mobile broadband rolled out to at least 98% of people in villages, towns and cities across the UK.

On these pages you can find out more about 4G, its benefits and likely coverage.

There is a chance that a very small minority of people’s existing Freeview service may be interfered with by 4G signals using a particular frequency, 800 MHz.

Satellite and cable TV services are not expected to be affected. Because this is no fault of the viewer, the mobile operators have established a body called at800 to provide free support on how to fix this disruption. Find out more by visiting at800.

What is 4G, what can we expect from it and what will coverage be like?

What is 4G

4G auction results

4G auction

Consumer advice on buying a 4G phone

Consumer advice on buying a 4G phone

When should I expect 4G?

When should I expect 4G

Ofcom’s 4G announcements

Ofcom's 4G announcements

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