Having trouble cancelling or terminating a contract?

14 October 2015

PTAIT_20120510_3213Updated 15 December 2015

Cancelling or terminating your phone, broadband or TV contract should be straightforward. When it's not, Ofcom wants to hear about it.

Some people might worry about telling a communications provider they want to leave, perhaps because think they will face pressure from the provider to stay.

But the process should be convenient, easy and stress-free for the customer. It shouldn’t involve any unnecessary steps or long procedures that would put someone off.

Ofcom receives a significant number of complaints about the difficulties experienced by consumers trying to exit their contracts.

Exiting contracts

In June this year, we launched a monitoring and enforcement programme to look closely at the cancellation and termination arrangements of different providers, identifying where they seem to be making it difficult for customers to leave.

To help us understand these difficulties, Ofcom conducts industry research and analyses complaints data. But to support that work, it’s good for us to hear directly from consumers about their own experiences.

In October we ran an online questionnaire for people who had recently tried to or succeeded in terminating their phone, broadband or pay TV contract to tell us about their experience.  We wanted to make sure we fully understood what problems consumers are facing when they try to exit their contracts.

That questionnaire has now closed and we received a large number of responses. We’ll use your insight to inform our monitoring and enforcement work and to make sure we’re focussing on the issues that matter most to consumers.

If you have a current cancellation issue which you want to tell us about the best way is to contact our Consumer Contact Team on 0300 123 3333.  You can also write to us at:

Cancellations and Terminations Programme
Ofcom Consumer Affairs
Riverside House
2A Southwark Bridge Road
London SE1 9HA

Resolving your complaints

Please note that Ofcom cannot handle individual complaints. However, we fully appreciate how frustrating it can be when things go wrong. Further advice on how to make a complaint can be found here on the Ofcom website.