Help and advice for your phone and broadband complaints

29 November 2012

Phones and broadband play such a major part in our daily lives that it can be extremely frustrating when things go wrong.

But what happens when problems occur and what do you need to do to get help? Every year Ofcom receives thousands of complaints from consumers - at the rate of around 300 a day.

Helping consumers

These complaints play a vital part in helping us ensure that all consumers get the very best from their phone and internet services.

They not only inform us of the problems you face but also help shape our work so that we can tackle the issues that matter to you.

While we cannot resolve individual cases, we also want to make it as easy as possible for you to get the help you need.

Streamlined complaints section

That’s why we recently launched a new streamlined telecoms advice and complaints section.

It explains what you need to do to get your phone and broadband problems solved and who you need to complain to.

The section is split into nine areas including billing and charges, switching, nuisance calls, faults, contracts, the way a service was sold and customer service.

Links and advice

Each section explains the complaints process for a particular problem and includes direct links to the right organisation to handle your problem.

There are also links to our guides which include advice on everything from call costs and billing problems, to mobile phone coverage, price comparison sites and broadband speeds.