Mobile phone signal boosters

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No-one wants to move home or switch to a new mobile provider only to find they have next to no mobile signal.

But if you are having coverage problems, don't be tempted to try and boost your signal with a mobile repeater – because if you do, poor reception could be the least of your problems.

The unlicensed use of mobile repeaters is illegal in the UK.  People using them can face a fine of up to £5,000 and up to a year in prison.

It's for this reason that you won't find these devices for sale in the High Street or through your mobile phone company.

Signal problems

Unfortunately, a number of websites still try to pass these devices off as the solution to signal problems.

Some even claim these devices – which are also described as mobile phone signal boosters or enhancers– are exempt from Ofcom's regulations.

Don't be fooled. They are not.

You can find out more about Ofcom’s work in this area by clicking on the following links:



The use of these devices – many of which originate from suppliers in the Far East - can cause serious interference problems.

Only the mobile network operators are licensed to use equipment that transmits in the cellular frequency bands.

Mobile phone coverage

For advice about coverage or signal strength, always speak to your mobile provider first.

You can also check out our guide on maximising your mobile coverage.