Premium rate services


There are a whole range of interactive services that consumers can now take advantage of via their mobile phones.

These can range from receiving a daily horoscope, following football scores or downloading the latest ringtone.

Ofcom has overall responsibility to make sure that these  premium rate services (PRS) are regulated.


To achieve this, Ofcom has approved PhonepayPlus' Code of Practice and has appointed them to carry out the day-to-day regulation of PRS.

PhonepayPlus have made a series of short videos to help people understand phone-paid (premium rate) services.

The top video looks at the numbers PhonepayPlus looks after and the support it can offer.

Text messages

The next video looks at premium rate text messages.

It gives viewers some top tips for making sure their texts don't get on top of them.

The final video looks at what to do if you have any unusual charge on your phone bill or pre-pay account.

It also explains what information you will need to report it if you feel youve been wrongly charged.