Price comparison

Helping consumers find the best deals.

Are you looking for a new phone, broadband or TV deal?

A good way to find out what deals are available is to check out the price comparison sites which have been accredited by Ofcom.

The Ofcom price accreditation scheme logo is awarded to websites that have had their price comparison services put through a rigorous independent audit. The audit checks whether the information provided to consumers is accessible, accurate, transparent, comprehensive and up to date.

Mobile phone deals

Ofcom currently has six accredited members of the price comparison scheme –, BillMonitor,, SimplifyDigital,, and

Billmonitor and compare mobile phone deals,, Simplifydigital & compare landline, TV and broadband services, while compare broadband and landline deals.

Click on the logos below to go to the price comparison sites. Price comparison services interested in being accredited by Ofcom can access our guidelines on how to apply to the Scheme, and other related documents, here.


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